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Testimonials - Why Fletcher's Security Consulting is above the rest!

A company that really goes out of its way to make a difference

"My family was one of the 'unfortunate few' that were exposed to an extremely traumatic event - that of an armed robbery in the perceived safety of one's home. The incident in question was one where my youngest son returned home from dinner date that left him in very high spirits. Upon his arrival home, armed robbers inside our property confronted him. These men proceeded to force him to deactivate the alarm system, unclothe him, tie him up, and hold him hostage, at gunpoint, in the garden. All this whilst cleaning our house out of hi-tech items, an extensive wine collection, food from our fridge, and all my son's cloths from his wardrobe. They even took his laundry that was waiting to be washed i.e. all his cloths. They packed these items into both our cars and left. Luckily, my son had the sense of mind to completely cooperate with the armed robbers, and was fortunate enough to escape physically unharmed. Picture this, and then think of what you would be willing to do to prevent this from happening to your family, or a member of your family. To that end, I would like to highly recommend Fletcher Security Consulting. This recommendation is based on Dirk Fletcher’s professional, and compassionate, handling of the upgrades to our household security. Dirk met with us, listened to our story, assessed our security needs, and then made recommendations on how to better prevent criminals from invading our home. There's a good Afrikaans saying, "good koop is deur koop!" Fletcher Security Consulting may not be the cheapest, but it is certainly money well spent. Their empathetic demeanor, rapid response, quality of materials used, professional workmanship and overall concern to our well-being was phenomenal. All in all, a great experience in the midst of a traumatic event. Having now installed an electric fence, and automated our driveway gate, we will definitely be returning to Dirk's company to complete the upgrades to our household security needs. Dirk's company's name is truly indicative of its title - a complete security consultancy. A company that really goes out of its way to make a difference, and help a family regain the comfort of living in their home." A very satisfied customer, Frank B of Bordeaux, Randburg.

The above letter was published in the Star Newspaper and Randburg Sun.

I can highly recommend Fletcher Security for all security matters

Chesapeake complex was introduced to Dirk Fletcher in March this year after we had our electric fence cut and vehicles vandalised. Dirk upgraded our fence and issued us with a COC certificate. We then also took out a maintenance contract with him. As Chairlady it gives me peace of mind knowing our fence is checked regularly. Dirk also installed an sms unit which notifies him and us if there is any tampering with our fence.

Dirk really goes the extra mile, I can call him any time I have a concern. He is efficient and offers a great service and his monthly fee is in line with other companies in the same field. He also gives good advice on security systems and won't just sell you a product to make money, he first assess if it is really needed. I can highly recommend Fletcher Security for all security matters.

Please feel free to call me for any further information.

Debra MacLennan
Chesapeake Complex